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Chicago Chiropractor | Dr. Aaron Malavolti

Chiropractic Can Help You Live A Healthy Life

The Chiropractor To See In Chicago

Dr. Aaron Malavolti

I still remember my first adjustment, I thought it was pretty neat. I was 14 and not experiencing any symptoms, it was not my idea to see a chiropractor. I had parents who, once exposed to chiropractic really understood the big idea, that is that structure and function are intimately linked. They understood that maintaining a healthy spine was essential for a lifetime of health. As good as the adjustments felt, I have to admit it wasn’t then that I said, that’s it, I’m going to be a chiropractor. I was just 14 and still thinking: professional athlete, comedian, author, or you know something cooler. It was during my undergraduate years as a biology major at Creighton University that I started to gravitate towards chiropractic. From there I attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa, the fountainhead of Chiropractic.

It was early on during my Chiropractic education that I began to feel the weight of purpose behind being a Chiropractor. I knew the nervous system controlled every function in the body long before grad school. I also knew problems in the body’s structure, especially the spine, could affect the function of this nervous system. I just hadn’t really thought about how important that was. I started to realize the cultural norm of presuming health unless symptoms are present was so far from the truth. I mean, if the integrity of the spine directly affects nerve function and the nervous system controls all the body’s functions, shouldn’t it naturally follow that we should all work to have our spines shaped and working like they were designed too. Wow I didn’t just choose a profession, this was also going to be my mission. I guess this is cooler than I had thought.

How I settled in Chicago

In the last semester of my formal education I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go on a clinic abroad trip. I spent nearly a month with some fellow classmates offering physical exams and chiropractic care to the people of Fiji, who lined up for hours to see us. After graduating in October of 2002 I entered a busy family chiropractic practice in Evanston, IL. I practiced there for nearly five years treating thousands of people from newborns to professional athletes. In my time there it grew to be one of the busiest practices around. It was difficult to leave. However, I was driven to fulfill my purpose of spreading the chiropractic message and I knew to do this I needed to start and direct a new clinic.

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